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We proudly present you the Eternal iRose Wiki 2.0! We think it provides enough information for you to start your journey into the wonderfull world of Eternal iRose Online.

You can start your adventure by entering the item you seek in the searchbox- or go to the menu above and select either Items- or Other to start exploring. If you see an icon, try hovering or press the for more information.

How does it work?

This wiki has been designed to match all items that are currently present ingame. All data needed is extracted directly from the current client data. This allows you to search for items, see how you can craft them, where they drop- and who sells them.

In the last update (2.0) , all monster and npc locations have been added to the minimap! just click a marker when you see it!


Although we spend alot of time making sure everything you need is here, it can occur that you'll find an item that is not ingame yet. Usually that is because we are continously making preparations for the next version of Eternal iRose Online.

If you think something is horribly wrong, feel free to contact me @Frans at our forums.

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